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Herald on the 1982 BT Exhibition Train

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Typical facilities to be provided by the Herald including

•Direct named push-button terminal to terminal calls

•Keyed terminal to terminal calls

•Press-button exchange line selection or answering

•Automatic exchange line select on (Level 9 access)

•Push-button calling

•Line Status indicators (LEDs)

•Tone calling at terminal terminals

•Hold for enquiry

•Call transfer

•Diversion of calls no another terminal

•Executive intrusion

•Internal conference,(six terminals)

•Storage and automatic calling of frequently called number,

•Selective call barring

•Voice calling on internal cal

•Repeat-last-number -

•On-hook calling on outgoing calls

•Operator recall

•Executive status indication

•Tone caller on/off

•Lightweight headset option

•Customer programming of certain facility options

•Power fail service to certain terminals

•Loop disconnect or MF4 signalling on exchange lines