Options Mother and daughter boards

The options motherboard could be inserted into 1/7 ie shelf 1 position 7 with between 1 and 3 MF RXers. and or 1/8 with Speech. broadcast and modem cards.

MF4 option board

The MF4 Option board, has 2 DTMF receivers which allow DTMF phones to be used as extensions on your Herald  

Speech Synthesis Option Card

The Speech Synthesis Option Card provides a comprehensive vocabulary of electronically generated (synthesized) 'spoken' messages which can be reproduced during the use of a terminal, e.g. THIS IS YOUR ALARM CALL at the time previously requested and YOUR LAST CALL COST requested metering of a call. In addition a user can interrogate a terminal to determine the facility, or number stored under a key and receive a 'spoken' answer, e.g. HOLD, DIVERT ON NO ANSWER, ONE· THREE-THREE

Other option cards included...
Card SA 20568          	Music on Hold Option         		374723
Card SA 20569          	Modem Option                 		374724
Card SA 20571          	Broadcast Option            		374725
Broadcast Option card workshop manual